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Ten Inspiring Interior Design Trends set to be huge in 2018

From to Pinterest, designers and industry experts have spoken and revealed the interior trends that are set to soar over the next 12 months.

Not a marble ledge or millennial pink wall in sight, this year, it’s more about understated tones with splashes of bright, luxurious textures and outdoor decorations.

Here are the ones we’re most excited about..

Spa Bathrooms

Admittedly, when has anyone not wanted to feel like their bathroom resembles a fancy hotel spa but if Pinterest is anything to go by, people are now wanting it more than ever.

Searches on the site for “bathroom spa” have increased by a whopping 269 per cent in the last year. People are wanting to create the feeling of total peace and relaxation of a retreat with large jacuzzi baths that you can soak in until you go pruney, all-one-colour tiles, earthy tones and minimalist accents.


According to’s team of designers, 2018 is going to be the year of leather and velvet. Velvet is billed to be the fabric of choice for statement soft furnishing (yes, this may really be the year to finally invest in that forest green Chesterfield). As for leather, it’s all about bedrooms – think upholstered headboards and quilted chairs.

Pattern Plants

It may have seemed like house plants were in their heyday most of last year but they’re not going anywhere. This year, however, they’ll be patterned. According to Pinterest searches for “pattern plants” is up 533 percent. With vibrant designs and colors, they may just be the cheapest way to give your room a new lease of life.


Cool in the ‘70s, uncool in the ‘90s, cool in 2018. Yes, Terrazzo is back. The colorful floor tiles add an incredible edge to any room and if you can’t stretch to the painfully beautiful marble Terrazzo tiles from Max Lamb, expect lots of more affordable options to appear on the market over the coming months as designers open their arms to the composite stone once again.

Statement Ceilings

Forget statement walls and look to the ceiling. Searches for “statement ceilings” are up by 310 percent this year on Pinterest and we can see why. An inventive way to transform a room from the top down – people are keeping the walls one color but then wallpapering, tiling, decorating or painting the ceiling to make it the standout feature of the room.

Earthy Neutrals

Sage is slated to be the new neutral. Replacing the likes of pure white, beige and stone – the muted green with grey undertones is certainly bolder than others but it’s an approachable color. Paired with woods and a cream color palette, the green will soften and warm up any space. Other pastels that are tipped to be hot include soft mustards, jades, and olives.


Yes, there are new neutrals but bold pigments are still set to be hot this year. predicts an abundance of burnt orange and greens – including forest and cactus green – as well as peacock blue, Bordeaux and tomato reds with ochre.

Dark woods

The Scandi trend that seems to have reigned for, well, forever may have taught us to select bleached woods and indiscreet furniture but this year, we’re going bolder. Expect to see the likes of dark oak, mahogany and textured walnut pieces adding a new depth to a room

Show-stopping doors

Time to stop thinking of interiors as just inside – statement doors are on the up. Searches on Pinterest for “colorful doors” have increased by 121 percent this year alone. Whether the doors painted with neon hues, framed by decadent bay trees or has a message mat in front of it – people aren’t skimping on outdoors decadence.

The New Metallics

Instead of rose and yellow gold, more industrial shades of metal are expected to become the prominent choice. From brass to nickel – less high shine materials will add a more organic element to your space.


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